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Glimpse On History Of Mobile App Development Company

Glimpse On History Of Mobile App Development Company

Mobile application development companies have progressively expanded since the release of the first handheld device in 1983: The Motorola Dyna Tax 8000 X. After its release, Nokia and other mobile manufacturers developed other simple apps and games such as snake and Tic-Tac-Toe. Since then, more and more companies have plunged into the application development arena to produce revolutionary software for mobile devices.

Initially, mobile applications were meant for retrieving information, for example, calendar, stock market, contacts, e.t.c. However, with advanced research and presented developing software, the vast array of applications increased to categories including mobile banking, GPS mapping, games, file transfer, streaming, and much more.

Target Market

Mobile application development companies target two dominant mobile operating systems, which are the iOS and Android OS, which occupy 42.59% and 47.45% of the global market share, respectively. The two mobile OS’ therefore, provides a broad market for mobile application development companies worldwide. Consequently, the distribution of applications by mobile application development companies is made easier via online purchase. The internet has provided ultimate exposure to local applications in several countries, increasing the chances of making sales for these companies.

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Cross-platform apps

Mobile application development companies face an immense problem in a bid to serve the highest number of customers possible. More often than not, the target audience of any mobile application development company turns out to be using different platforms ranging from Windows Phone to iOS to Android and hence need to develop cross-platform apps. A cross-platform app is an application that is available to all/more than one mobile operating system. A cross-platform application will offer easier marketing for the app due to the large market covered, fast, and straightforward modifications and upgrades to the application and also enjoy reduced development costs.

However, for the successful development of a cross-platform application, the app should adjust effectively to each platform and not necessarily appear similar in all platforms. Cross-platform app development also faces certain complexities; for example, when developing such an app, one is compelled to compare the similarities that different platforms have to offer, thus probably losing elasticity presented by each platform. Also, a cross-platform app will require the developer to design the app to fit multiple screen sizes. Mobile application development companies find it hard to decide whether to develop cross-platform apps or various apps for different mobile platforms.

Challenges faced by mobile application development companies

World wide, mobile application development companies face various challenges, some of which can be evaded. A significant problem facing most-if not all- mobile application development companies is the exposure of their application to the public. Some developers rely on social media for exposure, which in turn works out very well while others put up advertisements on websites to maximize the app’s popularity. Another problem facing most developers is swift competition in the mobile application industry. With such competition, small detailed things make the difference between an app going viral and another remaining disregarded such as graphics, outlook, simplicity, and sleek design.

Mobile App Development Cleveland has overcome all the challenges and has stood up as the best app development firm amongst the all. Further, App Development Companies in Cleveland are passionate about Mobile Application Development and its ability to revolutionize markets.

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